Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Men's four bowls singles club competition - Round 1

What a knee trembler of a match, up against the current club champion. But in this morning's game I'm calm and confident that I can give him something to worry about. Narrowly missed winning in last years two bowls semi-final. With a better idea what I'm doing this year, maybe I can beat him this time.

Nip and tuck in the first four ends, from the fifth onwards I'm in the lead. Can't believe by the fourteenth end I'm 19-8 ahead. Most of my bowls are rolling within a yard of the jack. Another couple of ends and I'm at 20, just one more to win.

Over the next four ends my opponent pulls the score back to 20-19. It's not that my form has suddenly taken a dip. On three of the four I'm sitting with shot bowl right up against the jack as he bowls his last. Effectively match point. And on all three occasions he manages to nudge either my bowl or the jack to win the end. Awesome!

As we play the twenty-first end I'm still calm and under control. Yes, he could now win the match. But I'm doing everything right, so just need to continue. Even as I consider rolling my last bowl it's close. Should I bowl it? Might be good to have a good look at the head. My nearest is two inches in front of the jack. The trouble is, it's flanked by two of his bowls, equally close. Which is shot bowl? Hard to tell. Takes a bit of careful observation before I decide not to deliver my last and ask for a measure. No need, my opponent accepts defeat.

Definitely my best bowls result ever. And who do I play in the next round? The club's best bowler, no less. Reckon I can beat him in this form. Here's the scorecard, just before I frame it ~;o)

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