Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Trail ends confusion

Sent an email to the competitions committee about trail ends before a club competition match. Speedy response back saying effectively they're played almost by default. The wording is on the competitions noticeboard and goes something like 'Trail ends will be played before a match unless both parties agree not to.'

But as ever, nothing is so simple. A number of long standing club members are surprised this wording is on the board. Traditionally no trial ends have been played before club competition matches. Think the logic is that you should know your own green.

We're going to discuss at the committee meeting next week. I think trial ends should be allowed, otherwise it's an advantage to the more experienced player. Explains the confusion at the beginning of yesterday's match.


  1. Rules for the club championship are often more specific than other club competitons. The reason being that, in our county at least, the club champion goes on to represent the club in the national Champion of Champions competition the following season. This applies to competitons indoors and out.

    Where I play, indoors and out, the local rule stipulates trial ends for singles will use only 2 bowls. This is enough for both players to test the affect of the abiding conditions at the time the match is played.

    Since your club's rule make the trial ends optional I can't see why there would be any reaction to someone wanting to test green ahead of a match.

    There's nothing to stop your opponent opting out if they feel confident.

    1. Appreciate the information, GreenHares. Our trial ends are two up two down as well, and our two and four bowls singles champions go on to compete the following season in the county champion of champion competition. For county competitions I'd guess trial ends are offered since one player will usually be playing away and on a strange green. I did suggest to my opponent when he first objected to my request for trial ends that he didn't have to play them. Thanks, John