Sunday, 24 July 2016

Frustrating win

First of this season's chances to get to a semifinal in the club competitions. This evening's match is in the Over 60's Singles. My opponent an old squash mate and fellow B Team player. A bit erratic. Really good drawing to the jack, but can also be a bit wayward. The match is the highest score after sixteen ends. Vital not to allow your opponent to build up a lead.

In last week's Men's B Team league match I noticed my opponent was tending to bowl short. So a long jack seems in order. But we're both all over the place on the first end. I think I've got first bowl, but it must be at least three feet from the jack. So we're both surprised to discover I've scored four. Not a good start for either of us.

And that's how the game continues. We just can't get a consistent line. But I'm managing to get the nearest. Very few ends to be proud of. On one I roll three bowls up against the jack. Might have been four if I hadn't scuffed my last delivery. On another he's sitting with three in front, having taken the jack almost into the ditch with his first delivery. I manage to squeeze my last bowl past his for a crushing change from three for him to increase my score by one.

He concedes after the fourteenth end. And looking at the scorecard it appears an overwhelming win for me, 19-4 with two ends to play. Of the fourteen ends played, he only won four.

The reason for our difficulties was that the rink had been moved to the markers furthest away from the clubhouse. On these settings the green is notoriously difficult to read. I played better in the conditions, and that's all that's required. But I came way from the green with little feeling of satisfaction. Here's the scorecard.

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