Friday, 15 July 2016

Fourth Quarter Final

Club pairs competition match this evening, played over sixteen ends. Knocked one of our competitors out in the Over 60s singles in early June, and we comfortably won our first club pairs fixture 23-6 against good opposition. Nevertheless we can't take anything for granted.

Geoff is on fire tonight. Looks like he's getting back to being one of the club's best lead bowlers after being out of play for most of last year. Bowl after bowl is rolled near to the jack. His opposite lead isn't bowling too badly either.

We're playing on rink one, generally the best. I find the lines quickly and am surprised how easily my bowls are finding their mark. Even hitting the target often when I need to knock one of our bowls in, or knock one of theirs out. The green is fast, so the challenge comes when a draw is required. The opposition skip is playing a blinder. Looks like his favourite pairs shot is with weight to mix up the head, and he's getting plenty of situations when he needs to do that.

A four on the sixth end gives us a lead of 8-2. A couple of ends later a three opens up a substantial gap, 11-4. It's not long before their skip is anticipating an early finish, when they can no longer catch us up. The match is over by the fifteenth but we play the final end to get the bowls back to our start point. Another resounding win, 23-7.

There were two other club competition matches that started earlier, plus a few supporters. All those members relaxed with a drink watching the last half of our match. Was real fun to play well in front of an appreciative audience. Here's the scorecard.

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