Thursday, 14 July 2016

Causes to ponder

No men's league match this evening, so we're having a practice session. Turnout a bit disappointing. Only seven. We play one rink pairs, and the one I'm on is a three way singles. Up against two good B Team players.

It's end 9 before I score. Rather embarrassing. The rink markers are on middle, which apparently makes the lines more difficult to judge. Certainly is tricky. Tony is playing a blinder and wins easily. I manage to stage a recovery to give him a challenge.

Beginning to realise a few of things. One recent revelation is why we don't see any of the A Team players at twice weekly afternoon social roll ups. Before 6.00pm games are take place running away from the clubhouse. Played that way, our green is unpredictable.

Secondly, even when playing parallel to the clubhouse in the evening, the way green markers are set has a big effect on how reliable the lines are.

Finally, I'm not particularly good at any game which involves a delay between each bowl. Even when playing three way singles. Give me a one on one singles game any day, even a pairs match. Speaking of which, hope I play better in my club competition pairs match tomorrow evening with Geoff. A chance to get into a fourth quarter final.

Here's this evening's score card. The blood smears were not acquired in the cause of bowls. Delivering a couple of plants to my daughter on the way down, tripped over the curb and almost landed up under their van!

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