Wednesday, 29 June 2016

One of best results ever

Some time since I had a solo practice. Conditions somewhat challenging, with light rain and a heavy green. Must get more practice on rinks one to three, where most competition matches are played. And we'll be playing our important men's league match tomorrow evening on these rinks. Decide to try rink three.

I've got a men's 4 bowls competition fixture against the club's best bowler to arrange. I know he likes a very short length jack. So also mix lengths up. 

Wow! No trial ends, and on the very first roll all four bowls up close to the jack. Not so good on the next end, but do evaen better on the next. Two bowls within inches, the other two within a yard. And so it continues. For some time I've been having a practice swing as I get down to bowl, which keeps my arm straight when delivering. Also been keeping my head down after the delivery, which helps me judge if the bowl was sent on the intended line. One of my best solo practices.

Here's the scorecard and current status.

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