Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How the song goes...

Hope Etta James would accept my apologies for the slight alteration to the lyrics of her song 'At Last'. The words tripped through my mind as I locked up the clubhouse this evening and wandered off into the dusk to find my car. AT LAST! I've won a singles match. And a County fixture at that. Only taken eleven previous losses to get here.

County Senior Two Bowls match against an opponent from Hemingford. Damp evening and heavy green. The favoured rink one is out of action. No loss to me. My only game there wasn't a happy one. A County pairs match is being played as well and they'd like to play on rink two. So I decide to go for rink six. Wicked bend on the gutter side, but if you get the line it's wonderfully satisfying. Other side is almost straight. So quite a variance in hands.

My opponent has his eye in right from the start and I'm 0-5 down within four ends. Start to get the line but struggle to catch up until the fourteenth end. After that I'm away. The odd end when both of us are all over the place, but I've got the lines nailed. Not bad on length either, so I'm getting at least one bowl close to the jack.

End up winning 21-15. Very happy. Next round to be played within a fortnight. Don't know who I'm up against. Here's the scorecard.

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