Thursday, 2 June 2016

Great result!

Men's league team away to St Neots B tonight. They've started the season somewhat nervously and we've been getting better results. So I've asked the team for at least a 5-2 points win. Going to be a tough match nevertheless.

It's close on all three rinks at the beginning. On rink one we gradually we pull away, to win 17-10. Rink two scores six on end five and looks like they're home and dry. But the home team pull back, and are four ahead with only two ends to play. A three to us on the penultimate end leaves us needing two to win. Bingo! Two it is, a win to us 21-20.

On our rink three we pull away by the half way point, but they catch up to leave us three down with the last end to play. We need at least a three to draw. As their skip delivers his last bowl we're sitting three up. Blast! His firing shot is off target, but ricochets off other balls to knock one of our three out. We lose 14-15.

Really enjoyable game of bowls. Great result. That should put us top of the league. Playing at number three, I rarely had a clear path to the jack. Played okay, nothing special.

Was really cold and dull. Looking forward to a warm meal in their huge and attractive clubhouse. No such luck. Ham or cheese rolls, pickled onions, cocktail sausages and tomatoes. Here are the scorecards.

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