Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Another one!

Having suffered at the hands of fair weather bowlers last Thursday, here we go again!

Two bowls men's singles fixture planned for 6.30pm. Forecast is rain, rain and more rain. Sure enough, by 5.00pm it's raining. But not heavily. Can easily play.

Then the 'phone rings. It's my opponent. 'It's raining' he says, observantly. 'Yes' say I, 'but it's still playable. I've got no problem.' But he's also just had an unexpected visit from some American relatives. Sounds like he doesn't want to play. 'You can have it if you want. Just scratch me.' I make feeble protestations, but it's not the first time this member has shown unwilling when the weather is damp.

Was expected to win anyway, but I'd much rather have played. Pop down to the club and scratch his name. Now into my second quarter finals.

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