Saturday, 21 May 2016

Spud, quiz and draw

Main event of the evening is the club competition draw. But first we've got jacket potatoes and curry and a quiz. Teams of three to agonise over guessing cartoon celebrities, TV sitcoms, several Catchphrase clues and naming countries of Europe from a map. We're desperately bad at the latter, but win two of the other categories and two prizes.

Reasonable competition draws. Get byes in the 4 wood and Handicap singles. In the 2 wood, Over 60s, Mixed Singles and Club Pairs get challenging opponents. At least I've not drawn any of the Club's top players yet.

Trying to think positive. On the basis each season's results average themselves out, I've already had all my losing games. Off on holiday for a week to sunny Hunstanton. Maybe the break from bowls will do me good.

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