Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Middle finger muse

Use of the middle finger is a sign of contempt in most contexts. One thought I've come away with following my Scottish loss is the importance of that middle finger when cupping the bowl.

Thumb and other fingers are more engaged in keeping the bowl steady. So a good firm contact from that middle finger on the base of the bowl can be the difference between a short or well judged length, even an errant or accurate line.

Thinking about the Scottish loss, my lead at 18-8 reflected Andrew's slight lack of form at the start of our match. When he got back on track I was hit with a whirlwind loss in the final seven ends, Andrew accumulating 13 to my 1.

The second game could so easily have been a bloodbath. Take some solace that maybe it was concentration on effective contact with my middle finger that enabled me to keep pace and, at 19-19, still be in with chance of a redeeming win.

Big match on Thursday evening. My first as B Team Captain, against Huntingdon. To start with an away win would be brilliant. Hope to get a solo practise tomorrow evening to test my middle finger theory.

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