Sunday, 1 May 2016

Harry Roscow Trophy May 2016

End of the biannual Harry Roscow Trophy against brother Andrew. And the trophy isn't going back home with me. Here's local celebrity Steven McKinnie awarding the trophy to his dad, Andrew. Unfortunately mum wasn't feeling well enough to make the award.

Lost our best of three competition 0-2. That's bad.

The scores in both games were 19-21, 19-21. Pretty close, so not quite so bad.

But in the first game I gave up a lead of 18-8, to lose 19-21 after only a further 7 ends.
At least I played my best bowls of the season. But with three friendly and two competition losses so far, I've yet to record a win. Things can only get better. Here are the scorecards and snaps of the victorious.
How did that score arise? I was 18-8 up a few ends ago!

No, it's not the same snap as above. Lost again 21-19!

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