Sunday, 24 April 2016

Target man

Another singles friendly this morning. Another singles friendly lost. That makes it three out of three defeats. What's happening??

After today's game, it suddenly dawned on me why there are no more 'friendly' games. Since I've taken on captaining the men's league B team, anyone I play who is keen to make the team is going to play out of their skins. So 'friendlies' are going to be a little more serious. And on current results, I may not make the team myself!

Got well and truly thrashed by David, one of the better B team players. Not much to console myself with, other than he was playing really well, me somewhat mediocre.

Consoled myself with a reasonable first solo practise of the year. Didn't reach the target of 50% of bowls within three feet of the jack, but not far off at 44%. The most encouraging feature was the lower than average (for me) number of short bowls. Here are the score cards.

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