Sunday, 13 September 2015

Feeling discombobulated

Can't quite make out my feelings, having lost two finals today. Almost as though to play on Finals Day was enough of an achievement, and the winning of an actual final wasn't that important. Certainly true it's a real buzz to don the whites and be part of the club's most important event of the year.

At least I didn't come away empty-handed. Two bottles of wine. And the biggest surprise of all, a trophy. Forgot that the runner-up in the handicap competition is awarded the Frank Nash trophy. At least I've got something to fill a corner of the huge trophy cabinet I bought last year ~;o)

Here's yours truly at the awards ceremony.

Bottle of wine for runner-up in Mixed Singles final.
And no, it's not fuzzy 'cause I'd already been at the plonk!

Another bottle of wine & the Frank Nash trophy as
runner-up in the Men's Handicap Final.

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