Sunday, 20 September 2015

Closing day & AGM

Well, that's it. The outdoor season has ended and no more bowls for seven months. Here's me just about to pack away my kit for the last time this year. Can hardly believe it. Won't take long before it feels as though my left arm has been amputated, since it's sole purpose for the last five months has been to bowl straight and true.

Bit of a disappointing turnout for the afternoon drive. Guess many stayed away because they're already bowling indoors. Still great fun. Managed two rinks of triples, each playing six ends before the players were mixed up for the next six ends. Juggled up again for the final six ends. And I was joint winner. Won sixteen out of the eighteen ends played.

After, the AGM and only few points of contention. Mainly members who thought more should be done but weren't willing to volunteer. As a result we currently don't have captains for the Over 60s A and B teams, nor for the friendlies. If the committee can't strong arm anyone to 'volunteer' there will be no Over 60s or friendly matches next season. Very poor.

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