Thursday, 13 August 2015

Rain, rain, rain!

Men's fours B team league match this evening against Eynesbury C. They're top of the league, so a good match in the offing. I'm playing number two.

The start is delayed by torrential rain. As it eases a bit we start the match. Never played in pouring rain before. At least I'm warm and dry in my waterproofs.

Very strange game. In spite of the heavy green, we're all bowling too long. And each end is being won by threes and fours. Unfortunately they're winning more than us. So we're quite a bit behind.

Gradually we start to close the gap as we adjust to the green. My bowls start to roll right up against the jack. We've got them on the run.

Then thunder and lightning. Very heavy rain and the light drops. We call it a day after the fifteenth end, 18-17 to them. We lose the match 5-2 in points.

At least my standard of play improved. Feel more confident about Saturday's semi-final match. But I haven't played on the club green since last Sunday. If only I could have a good, confidence boosting solo practise tomorrow evening...

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