Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mixed singles - Quarter final

Up against an opponent I've beaten twice last year. Won in my first singles final, and came from behind in the two bowls quarter final. But I'm taking nothing for granted. I know he tends to start off strongly and tail off. Also doesn't like long ends.

The match is the best of three sets, each of seven ends. In this format, games tend to be close. It's difficult to create a decent lead in only seven ends. 

So it proves in the first set. I'm not bowling my best, but getting close enough. He's bowling all over the place but keeps sneaking a single bowl in. We're level as we go into the last end, though he's won four ends to my two. He does it again on the last end with a single bowl to take the first set.

In the second set he's not getting that vital bowl in close. After four ends I'm 8-0  up and he's yet to score. On the next two ends he gets a one and two. We don't play the seventh end since he's five behind and can't win. One all in sets.

The final end is a walkover. By the fifth set it's 13-0 to me and he can't win. I win 2-1 in sets.

Up against an experienced men's A team player in the semifinal. Will need to play better to get to the final. Here's the scorecard.

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