Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Confidence shaker

Another men's fours A team selection, playing for St Ives in the final of the Dilley Cup. We're away to Huntingdon and are apparently going to be up against it.

With my first semi-final club competition match of the year on Saturday evening, could do with a good, confidence boosting performance. Unfortunately it's anything but. Hardly get a bowl near the jack all evening. At least I'm not the only one. My three colleagues also struggle with the green. It's surface is very patchy. So it's quick, quick, slow as the bowl travels grassy and bare areas. Final result on our rink, we lose 29-10. Lose the final 2-1.

What makes the evening worse is that my semi-final opponent is playing on the next rink, bowling a blinder of a match. One of the few good performances out of our whole team. Hopefully he's used up all his luck this evening.

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