Friday, 10 July 2015

Back from holiday

Troubling few days holiday in Hunstanton. Every time we wandered past the two bowling greens on the front they were full of happy bowlers. Seemed to be some kind of tournament. Would  have loved to while away a few hours watching.

A whole week without a bowl in my hand, was desperate to get down the club for a solo practise. Managed it within three hours of our return. 

On the troublesome sixth rink the first few ends were a bit erratic.  Swings very wide on the rink edge side. Soon on the beam from the sixth end. Thirty-one bowls out of fifty-two within three feet of the jack. That's 60%, the best I've ever recorded. Only four bowls short, too.

Got some challenging club competition matches to arrange for the next week or so. Playing like that, maybe I'll cause a few upsets! Here's the updated graph and scorecard.

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