Friday, 26 June 2015

Maybe I do like fours

Playing for the club away at Yaxley Broadway in the Dilley Cup this evening. Selected as lead for one of the three rinks. Looks like the club's best players are here. How come I'm shoehorned in?

Nicknamed the Silly Cup because of the strange mix of rules, it's three rinks, four male players each side, two bowls each. Played over twenty-one ends. Only shot bowls within one metre count. Anything in the ditch is dead. Includes the jack, and a void end if this occurs. The winner is the club with the most winning bowls.

I'm on line from the start, though the green is quick and it takes a couple of ends to get the length. Thereafter me and the opposing lead have an entertaining battle to outdo each other. Think I got the edge, but it's close. Love playing lead bowl.

The tone of the match is huge fun, with both sides in good form. Level for the first half, the turning point happens when one of our fours scores seven in one end. Considering there are only eight bowls delivered by each side, that's an amazing result. So amazing, it enthuses the rest of the team and we win the match. Our rink result is 22-18 to us.

I'm reassessing my views from May on playing Mens 4s. Maybe it can be worthwhile, particularly if I play lead.

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