Thursday, 11 June 2015

Feeding the five thousand

Well, not quite 5,000. And no fishes either.  

The green was full to the brim with happy bowlers this evening. Both Men's 4s teams at home, so 48 players in all. 

And 48 players to provide tea for. It's the tradition the home club provides an evening meal. Presume it's because, with a 6.30pm start, those still working won't have time for tea. The lady members did an excellent job, serving up minestrone soup, rough cut bread, cheese and salad. Although sunny at the start of the matches, things cooled as the evening wore on, so the warming soup was just right.

Playing for the B team against Eynesbury C. Bowling well at the beginning. Struggled as the green slowed. All four of my bowls on the last two ends were short.

Our end drew 24-24. With the other two ends split, St Ives won 4-3 on points, gaining an extra point for the most winning bowls.

After a disastrous start that saw us bouncing around at the bottom of the league table, we're now half way and rising. Hurrah!

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