Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Drawn pairs club competition - Round 1

Partnering a fellow Men's B Team player in the drawn pairs club competition first round. Played over eighteen ends. The 'drawn' bit signifies names drawn out of a hat to make the pairs.

My partner and I seem to have muddled up who's playing what. Since neither of us was fussed, we tossed a coin. Sure it was me that drew skip. Their skip keeps stealing ends to keep level. Start to wish I was playing skip rather than lead. I'm playing okay, but my lead opponent isn't really pushing me. He must be up for the longest playing bowler in the country. Been at it 73 years, but fading a bit now. I'm handing him his bowls, since he has difficulty reaching down.

With two ends to play we're 15-13 down. Manage to draw level, so all on the last end. They've struggled with a long jack at times, so I put a full length jack in. Follow that up with three close bowls, one of which carries the jack close to the ditch and rests up against it. Their skip uses his bowls trying to hit the jack into the ditch, without success. Three to us and a last end win!

We'll have to play better in the next round. Up against two Men's A Team players. Here's the scorecard for today's game.

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