Sunday, 17 May 2015

Just intuition

Just finished tea with our opponents from Melbourn, my friend Tony fancied more bowls. So back on the green for a friendly singles game, first to 21.

Was level right up to the thirteenth, when my opponent won a string of ends to put him 15-8 up. Playing well, he'd thwarted me several times when I was lying three and four bowls up by rolling just one of his bowls to the jack. 

No panic. Got back on track. The last five ends were all mine, a win to me 22-16.

Now feeling comfortable about my bowling. Be organising my first club competition match soon. Looks like things have settled down just at the right time. Relaxed and consistent. No agonising over method, line or length. Just intuition.

Here's the scorecard.


  1. Looks to me from the score card that your opponent just got tired and then paniced and became desperate in the final ends while you were patient when behind.

    1. May be more than an element of truth in that, Clarke.