Saturday, 9 May 2015

Harry Roscow Trophy May 2015

Searching for any crumb of comfort after the whitewash of a 0-3 loss at this year's competition for the Harry Roscow Trophy. And that crumb came in the form of a Facebook comment from victor, Andrew. Get some small solace from the fact that maybe this time I pushed him a bit.

Beginning to realise what a task I've set myself, to beat my brother. He's got the uncanny ability, no matter how close my last delivery rests against the jack, to go one better. His yard on is perfect, my attempt just misses. A couple of my bowls are a bit wayward; it's a rare end when even one of Andrew's bowls misses the mark.

And of course there's home advantage. Scone Bowls Club is such a good green and I adapted much more quickly on this visit. So no complaint about the playing surface. But still another hill to climb.

Did have some signs of hope. Got as close as 14-18 in the 19th end of the warm up match. And in the first half of round one I was keeping pace. But the constant battle to better excellence takes its toll.

Am I despondent? Not at all! Can't wait to get back on the green at St Ives to aspire to the same standard as my brother.

To read the background to the trophy and previous results, click here. Images and scorecards from the weekend are shown below.

The Harry Roscow Bowls Trophy is awarded to Andrew. I'm just so happy for him! ~;0)

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