Friday, 22 May 2015

Full of friendlies

Gagging to play my first club singles competition game. But that's the price of getting three byes and the same opponent in the other two. And with that opponent unavailable, nothing for it but to fix up another friendly.

So me and fellow Men's B Team player Chris lined up on a beautiful sunny evening, first to 21. Had a score to settle since Chris knocked me out in the quarter final of last year's mixed singles club competition.

Pretty even to the eleventh end, when I got a 4, followed by 3 on the next end. After that Chris was in catch up mode for the rest of the game. A win 21-17 to me.

Bowled a few too many narrow lines. Realised I wasn't checking the bowl was pointing in the right direction when sitting in my hand just before delivery.

Scorecard shown below. Also the status in all singles matches so far this year. If it wasn't for the four game thrashing my brother Andrew gave me, things would be looking very positive!

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