Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Do I like fours?

Don't think so. With only two bowls each end and quite a time between delivery, it's hard to maintain concentration. As a result, one of my pair is often off target. Don't mind quite so much if playing lead. Nice and simple. Today I'm playing third. Lots of bowls in the way of the jack when it's my turn. Hate it.

This afternoon a club friendly against the North Yorkshire Leagues. One of five they're playing on their trip south. Friendly and good fun. All six rinks in operation, 48 happy bowlers on the green. No catering since they're booked in for evening meal, just tea and biscuits at the end.

We're playing County format, so I'm definitely the busiest member of our team. Agree each winning number of bowls. Measure if close. And for some strange reason lots and lots of walking. We walk up with the skips before each end starts. Walk back as the first two pairs come to the head after bowling. Then back to the head to advise the skips as they bowl.

Nip and tuck on our rink, losing 18-21. St Ives lost the match 2-4. Here's a snap of the two Presidents addressing players before the start.


  1. Played well, rinks is a true test and requires each member of the team to play their position well.
    Whilst it's true there can be a long interval between each turn on the mat (indoors 10 minutes is not unusual) time flies as you become involved in shot selection and tactics. I now rate it as my favourite form of the sport.
    The ability to focus on your shot when you only have 2 bowls each end will improve your play in singles, pairs and triples.
    How about trying 2 wood singles when you practice?

    1. Hi Greenhares... Yes, I understand the team element to fours. It's just how quickly things can change that I find frustrating. Last year we played a team whose skip played a drive on just about every end. Daft of us not to put enough bowls around the back of the head, but nevertheless I was left thinking what was the point of all the previous players building a tight head?

      I really enjoy singles because the outcome is all down to me. Didn't used to get 2 wood singles, but REALLY like it now. The purest form of bowls, just drawing to the jack against your opponent.

      Thanks, John