Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Where's the jack?

Not a bad result, 12-12, against my doubles partner and lead bowler for the men's A team. Especially considering I lost focus half way through the match and deserved to lose.

10-12 down on the last end, I was sitting with two bowls right up against the jack. Even when my opponent just managed to clip the jack with his last bowl, was still okay. Couldn't see the jack now it was behind my two bowls, but he only moved the jack an inch or so. Still two to me.

Tried another draw with my last bowl to get three. Not successful, a little short. Only when we walked up the rink did we realise that 'inch or two' was nearer six and it was three to him! Lost 10-15.

Shows the importance knowing where the jack is before bowling. That amble up the green to have a close look is worthwhile even in friendlies. How about sticking a safety bowl at the back of the head when sitting so comfortably? Didn't even occur to me!

And that lack of focus. First four ends went fine. Concentrating just before each bowl. Ensuring a straight arm delivery. Doing my 'one, two, three' swing. Where did it all go when I was 3-1 up? Lost the next seven ends, 3-10 down. When I recovered concentration at end 12 I won four of the next five ends.

So learned three valuable lessons in one friendly. I will be consistent in delivery. I will be consistent in delivery. I will be... 

Here's the scorecard...

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