Thursday, 29 January 2015


  1. Setting short range and long range goals is good. Publicizing them I don't feel so comfortable about. Pressure is not what is needed but rather concentration. Here in Turramurra, Australia there is also a St. Ives lawn bowls club with three nice grass greens and a good restaurant and bar.
    Good luck in your upcoming season. I will be back in Canada in April.

    1. Hi Clarke... I've had a Google Earth look at St Ives, Australia and noted it's got a village green and a bowls club with three greens. Think it's my kind of place, particularly having noted the temperature today will be 25c and sunny!

      Piling the pressure on is in my nature, Clarke. Like nothing better than getting my brothers and/or sons together for some serious competition. If there's not something at stake I don't focus as well. But your comment about concentration is bang on... I'm building up to do an article about concentration. Realised in the latter half of last season it's probably THE most important factor.

      Thanks for reading the blog. Hope your season down under has been fun and you're feeling positive about your northern hemisphere season to come.

      Regards, John