Thursday, 4 September 2014

I'm in a final!

President's Shield club competition semifinal this evening. Awarded to anyone who's not won anything ever before, I'm certainly in that category.

Didn't feel nervous. Knew if I played as well as recent games I would win. Dangerous thing to feel, my opponent being a good club player who has been on form recently.

Best of three sets, each of seven ends, I got off to a cracking start. Won six of the ends. My opponent suggested I might gain the nickname 'last bowl McKinnie'. On a least three ends, when he was sitting two or more bowls up, managed to squeeze my last in to take shot.

The second set was much closer, but he was always under pressure. 2-0 to me and no third set!

Was the best bowls I've ever played. Much better now my method of delivery is set. Finding the line much more easily, and bowling few short bowls. It's almost as though the bowl has become part of my anatomy, rather than a foreign object at the end of my arm.

And the extra bonus was the game was marked by the men's A team captain. Hopefully it's put me in good stead for a move up to the A team next year. That's got to be one of the objectives for 2015.

Here's the scorecard...

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