Sunday, 14 September 2014

I won a club competition!

And with support like this, the banner made by granddaughter Paige, how could I not win? Unfortunately the family arrived half an hour after my match had finished. Delayed while Amelia had her afternoon nap. A nuclear war wouldn't shift her when it's time for a snooze.

The final was best of three sets, each of seven ends. Didn't start at all well. Just couldn't fix a line. My opponent wasn't playing much better, but just enough to keep ahead of me. In fact things were looking a bit bleak by the third end, him 4-1 up. Another loss on the next end might have been terminal. Managed to scrape it back to 5-5 with one end to play. Won that by one, first set to me.

On the second end of the next set decided to try my opponent on a long jack. Bingo! All my bowls were close, all his short. Similar result on the next end. At 8-0 up after just three ends he was never going to recover. Only played six ends of the second set since at 9-2 to me he couldn't win.

So my first club competition win, the first time my name will appear on the competition boards displayed on the clubhouse. Maybe not the last.

On schedule to achieve all this year's objectives. But the hardest of all is yet to come... to beat my brothers in a fortnight's time.

Here's the presentation snap and scorecard...

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