Sunday, 21 September 2014

Closing Day

Good fun at the last day of bowling at the club. Each player involved in three triples matches, six ends per match. The score from each accumulated to arrive at a personal total. A 12-3 win on one of the first rinks ensured one of that winning team had the most points at the end of the afternoon.

Followed up by the club's AGM. Gets a bit sparky at times. Key committee members struggle to keep the ship afloat and on course. Various members intent on lobbing the odd torpedo in the form of points of order. All taken in good spirit.

Sad day. At the beginning of spring there seemed so much time to enjoy the green. How quickly it all slips away. Remaining are the memories of the best shots played, the echoes of friendly banter for lucky ones. And hope that friends I might not see again for seven months will have a kind winter and be there at the start of the 2015 season.

At least I've got another two games to come against my brothers. Off to Scone on Thursday. Friendly warm up game on Friday evening. Big match on Sunday at 2.00pm for the Harry Roscow Trophy. Just got to do better this time!

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