Friday, 12 September 2014

As The Rolling Stones song goes...

Managed to get a last friendly game in against mate Tony this evening before Sunday's final. Thought a good strategy would be to play on the same rink as Sunday's match, and have a bowl-free day tomorrow.

Learned something useful during the game. Up to now have relied on markers part way up the green. That can cause problems. Might think I've nailed the line from one end, but when you play from that end again it's easy to mix up one dark spot on the green with another.

During Wednesday's match Kevin said he used markers at the far end of the green. Tried that last year without success. Decided to give it a go part way through this evening. At one end I was aiming for a chair, at the other between a table and chair. No chance of mixing those markers up. You can tell the difference from the twentyfirst end onwards. Much more consistent line achieved.

Slight adjustment needed if my opponent moves the mat well up the green. Think my previous lack of success was more to do with a failure to bowl with a straight arm.

Couldn't be more ready for Sunday's final at 1.30pm. Gulp!

Here's the scorecard...

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