Sunday, 31 August 2014

Signs of improvement

I'm sure my bowling skills have taken a step up in the last three weeks. At last that's coming through in solo practise.

On this evening's session the position of bowls wasn't special. Got better in the first half of July. But the total score, and number of ends when I had two or more bowls within three feet of the jack, were higher than ever before. Had at least two bowls close in two out of every three ends.

I'm sure that consistency is due to a better bowling action. What has helped is a silent count as I swing the bowl backwards. So I count 'one, two and three' like this...

  • Count 'one' with the bowl held ready.
  • Swing backwards to 'two' at the end of the backswing.
  • Then 'and' to hold for a second as I consider the strength of shot required.
  • And finally 'three' to the delivery.

Am I timing the improvement to win my last semifinal and last opportunity to make finals day? Will know on Thursday evening when I pitch up for the match at 6.00pm against an in-form and experienced club bowler.

Here are the full set of charts and tonight's scorecard...

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