Friday, 15 August 2014

One proud loser

In spite of losing this evening's men's 4 bowls club competition semi final, came away from the match feeling like a winner. For the first time played like a serious bowler.

Can't believe I gave a former England 2 bowls singles national champion a real game of bowls. In fact at the ninth end I was in the lead. And when he pulled ahead 15-8 by the thirteenth end, I managed to pull it back to 15-13 within two further ends. He won ten ends, me eight.

Why the improvement? For a while I've been settled on my method of delivering the bowls. Tonight I successfully adapted which hand to play from as required. And I concentrated. Oh boy, did I concentrate!

Learned another valuable lesson. On two occasions he was holding three and four bowls on long ends. Had a great target to aim for, his bowls either side of the jack. And delivered a perfect line... but a foot short on both occasions.

Must understand better when I'm playing a running shot rather than a draw. In both cases I played the latter when the former was needed. Better to play a running shot too hard, at least I'd get a result. But to be short? Criminal! If I had turned those two ends to my advantage the match result might have been quite different.

So in spite of losing, felt elated as I headed home to tell anyone who'd listen all about it. Unfortunately the whole family, even the grandchildren, now turn off as soon as I say the word 'bowls'. Maybe I should try the neighbours.

Here's the scorecard, which I might frame to go in my 'Hall of Scorecards I'm Proud Of'.

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