Friday, 22 August 2014

Kicking myself

No room for error in tonight's club semi final match. Two bowls, first to twenty-one. So couldn't afford too many stray bowls. Add to that my opponent had won this competition on four previous occasions. Also won several County competitions. Up against it!

Behind throughout the match, each time he pulled ahead I managed to again narrow the gap. Looked like the game was up when I was down 16-10 and then 18-14. But by the twenty-fourth end it was all square at 18-18.

Yes, I lost 21-18. But I had him so worried he thought the end was nigh for him. And I won more ends than him, 14-12 to me. If only I could have turned more of the single bowl wins into twos. If only I'd bowled slightly less short bowls.

Real buzz though. Especially on the twenty-third end when he was lying with two bowls right up against the jack on a long end. My first bowl was just to the left. Preparing to bowl my last, if it stayed as was I'd be down 20-14. Delivered a perfect line and length. Just carried the jack through to my first bowl to score two to me and gain applause from the spectators.

Just one semifinal now to play, one chance to make finals day. At least I know the improvement in my bowls is not a temporary thing. Got to win!

Here's the scorecard.

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