Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Great win over the A Team

Listed as a reserve for today's triples match against our A team, a bit of pleading to the team captain and I was in! Didn't want to miss the opportunity of putting one over on them.

Played second bowl. Hard work! Bowling to the skip's directions, when at the other end you've got to direct the skip, measure and agree the score. Give me lead bowl every time.

Started with a bang on our rink, well ahead at the half time tea and biscuits. And I had some real crackers. Played a great running shot to squeeze the jack between two tight opposing bowls to go from two down to two up. A few ends later bowled right against the ditch, to get between the jack and an opponents bowl. Getting at least one of my bowls in the count.

Second half saw them pull back, and my bowling was more average. Just beat us in the end, but our other two rinks won.

Was a bit of a hollow victory. We're bottom of division one, our A team second bottom. We're both going down to division two.

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